Workshop on AAL solutions to achieve the Market Breakthrough - AMB2011

June 7th, see 2011, online Albert Borschette Conference Centre, find Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

This workshop is directed at companies whose business involves the development of software components or complete solutions for AAL (Ambient Assisted Living). The participation of SMEs is particularly welcome. The goals of the workshop are to:
  • Indentify technical areas where – in the view of the participants – provision of common approaches or technical solutions would lead to faster, cheaper or more flexible product development.
  • Provide information about on-going activities in this area supported by the European Commission and AALA (Ambient Assisted Living Association)
  • Discuss the form and content of possible new funding measures from the European Commission and AALA aimed at involving companies in practical experimentation with new technologies currently under development, and offering them the opportunity to influence this work to match their needs.

The presentations and the other documents of the workshop are available in the document session.



BRAID joins AALOA Community

February 20th, 2011, Brussels (L)

Following on the joint ICT Networking Session organized by BRAID, universAAL, and OASIS during the ICT Conference in Brussels, the BRAID consortium has confirmed a decision to join the AALOA community. AALOA is already supported by universAAL and OASIS projects, and BRAIDS expects to undertake a number of initiatives within AALOA to share and encorurage discuss ion of its early results within the AALOA community, enhancing the dissemination imapcts of each.



OpenURC and AALOA joint statement

November 16th, 2010, MonAmi workshop, euro ssc 2010, Passau (DE)

The OpenURC and AALOA initiatives, having been engaged in discussions about the scope of their proposed activities, agree that...



Joining forces in Ambient Assisted Living

November 16th, 2010, MonAmi workshop, euro ssc 2010, Passau (DE)

The AAL Open Association enables innovative standardized solutions in Ambient Assisted Living.

The AAL Open Association (AALOA) provides a new framework for standardization efforts and offers a new platform for common development and evaluation of innovative solutions in the Ambient Assisted Living field – join now.


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