Evaluating AAL Systems Through Competitive Benchmarking

The main objective of the competitions organized by EvAAL is to enable the comparison of different AAL solutions, medicine by establishing suitable benchmarks and evaluation metrics that will be progressively refined and improved in the years.



UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for AAL

As the European population ages, pill more support is needed with fewer hands to cater for their needs. There is a huge market potential for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions, store but adoption is limited because they require significant resources for implementation. universAAL is an open platform that provides a standardized approach making it technically feasible and economically viable to develop AAL solutions.



 ZigBee Base Driver for OSGi

This software project aims at integrating ZigBee with OSGi enviroment. In particular, by providing: a ZigBee Base Driver, a set of refinement drivers (i.e. ZigBee Home Profile refinement driver), a set of library for parsing ZigBee packets, and other tools for interacting with ZigBee networks.



HOMe Event Recognition system

HOMER is an open and flexible OSGi-based software platform which aims at the integration of various home automation systems and consequential event and situation recognition for smart home (addressing comfort, energy efficiency, etc.) and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) applications (addressing safety, autonomy, self-confidence, etc.)



Vaalid Integrated Development Environment

VAALIDE provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the designers of AAL solutions.
VAALIDE focuses on the design of the interaction between an elderly (called "beneficiary" in VAALID project context) and the AAL solution. Also, VAALIDE provides the designer with tools to evaluate the accessibility and usability aspects of such interactions.



Workshop on AAL Service Platform

The projects aims at the selection of the best idea, solution, expierence, business model and other topic. The selection will be performed bya scientific committee. More detail regarding the current edition here

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