Every big and relevant community needs an organization behind the scene:

an association, check foundation, buy cialis allliance or even a big company.


In our opinion this organization should be:

Technology neutral

  • looks for the best technological solution
  • independent of the interest of any technology provider


  • regarding the technological solutions provided and promoted
  • in respect to the governance and strategic choices


  • no discrimination of any person, groups, or companies
  • clear process definition to join the organization and to be nominated for the varius elective offices

No profit

  • it only has interest in the creation of the market conditions
  • its costs are covered by donation and sponsorship


We are currently working on the statute definition, and your point of view  is welcome. We have been inspired by other Open Source communiies and industrial alliances, such as Apache Software Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, OW2 Consortium, Continua Health Alliance.

The following conceptual map roughly depicts the organization chart of the of the association that we are thinking to build.



AALOA founders nominated the governing board.

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 March 2012 15:51
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