Promoters are supporters whose interests match very well the association’s purposes, and who are willing to discuss about he organizational aspects of AALOA. No fee is required, but  from organizations we may expect contributions in terms of donated hardware or hosting services if needed. The people of this group can influence the final organizational structure of the association, its statute, the number and type of bodies and so on. Promoters are subscribed to both promoters and supporters public mailing list. You can browse the the old messages at: promoters forum



CNR-ISTI Fraunhofer-IGD



Alberto Gotta, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Andreas Hochgatterer, AIT-HBS, Austria

Antonio Kung, Trialog, France

Antonio Zanesco, Tracs, Italy

Babak Farshchian , SINTEF, Norway

Brian O'Mullane, CASALA, Ireland

Bruno Jean-Bart, Trialog, France

César Iglesias Rebollo, Díaz-Bastien & Truan Abogados, Spain

Edoardo Benelli, Forus, Italy

Francesco Furfari, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Francesco Potortì, CNR-ISTI, Italy

François Letellier, OW2, France

Gottfried Zimmermann, Access
Technologies Group
, Germany

Gunnar Fagerberg, SIAT, Sweden

Joe Gorman, SINTEF, Norway

Juan Carlos Naranjo Martinez, University Polytechnic of Valencia, Spain

Juan Pablo Lázaro Ramos, TSB, Spain

Kush Wadhwa, Global Security Intelligence, United Kingdom

Laura Belenguer Querol, University Polytechnic of Valencia, Spain

Luca Odetti, Tecnalia, Italy

Marco Eichelberg, OFFIS, Germany

Marius Mikalsen, SINTEF, Norway

Michele Girolami, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Mohammad-Reza Tazari, Fraunhofer-IGD, Germany

Paul Panek, Vienna University of Technology & Ceit Raltec , Austria

Pelayo Mendez, Treelogic, Spain

R. Benjamin Knapp, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

Reiner Wichert, Fraunhofer-IGD, German

Ricardo Serafin, TSB, Spain

Sergio Gustavo Guillen Barrionuevo, ITACA UPV, Spain

Stefano Chessa, University of Pisa, Italy

Stefano Lenzi, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Sten Hanke, AIT-HBS, Austria

Thomas Karopka, IT Science Center Rügen GmbH, Germany

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